You MUST provide a Fuel Moto invoice number with your request
This form is for map requests only, technical questions will not be answered from this form.
Also note, if you simply need a copy of the map that we programmed into your unit, your map can be easily retrieved from your tuning device and saved with the included tuning software.

We want you to receive your map quickly and we appreciate your patience when requesting and recieving our maps. We have spent 1000’s of hours developing these maps and provide them as a free service to Fuel Moto customers. Make sure your email can accept attachments of this type and check your bulk/spam folder. Please take these quick tips into consideration when requesting your map.

Do not use the map request form to ask questions.
Do not call us pissed off that you did not receive your free map.

Fuel map’s are generally filled within 72 hours, if you are sending in data for review & map revisions this can take 5-7 business days. If you have correctly filled out the map request form with your invoice number & all required fields and it has gone past the timeframe listed above and you have not yet received your map please double check your email and spam folders and you can then contact us at 920-423-3309 and we will gladly help out.

Fuel Map
  • Customer / Order Information
  • Vehicle Information
  • Files / Notes
  • Log Files
Your sales receipt number, order number or support key number must be entered here. These numbers are printed on your receipt and also emailed to you when you place your order through our website. Contact us at 920-423-3309 for assistance locating this number.

Order Information

If you are unsure, please reference your Fuel Moto sales receipt.
Target Tune is an optional accessory for the Power Vision. If you are unsure select 'NO'.
Select 'I have added something new' for an updated map, or 'I have an issue with my map' to have your current fuel map revised.

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